Code Samples

1. Minimal example with default options

The default options render a 1360x768 viewport as JPG format. This results in a high quality screenshot that's optimized for the web at only 55kb.

GET /v1/capture

Result: with default options with default options

2. How to take a fullpage screenshot?

You can take a rich screenshot of the entire webpage using the fullpage option. By default, the fullpage_scroll option is also enabled to trigger lazy-loaded elements.

GET /v1/capture

Result: with fullpage option fullpage WITHOUT fullpage_scroll enabled with fullpage option fullpage WITH fullpage_scroll enabled

3. Take a screenshot of a specific part of the page

To take a screenshot of a specific part of a website, use the selector option to target a specific element ID or CSS classname.

GET /v1/capture

Result: specific element specific element

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